If you own a painting, a drawing or a print by Vincent van Gogh and you have decided that it is time to sell it, we have private and institutional clients that are looking to buy a painting or a drawing or a print by Vincent van Gogh.

To sell it, the first requirement is that it must be solidly authenticated and certified as an original by Vincent van Gogh.

If it has not yet been authenticated, we can perform the entire authentication for you, from the research part to the provenance research, to the analytical studies, to the forensic work, to the scientific testing of materials, to special or multispectral photography, to the writing of all the scholarly reports, to issuing the Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

If your Van Gogh has already been authenticated -or if we did it for you- the next step in selling is to examine it. We examine worldwide. Let us know in which country and city it is located and we will give you a quote for going to examine it. In the meantime, please send a set of high-resolution photos, the dimensions and copy of all the documents.

The next step will be determining the value of your van Gogh.

Value depends on:

  • The subject matter. How attractive and interesting and pleasant it is.
  • The dimensions. Generally, the larger paintings sell for more than the smaller ones.
  • The condition. The market always pays more for the finest condition.
  • How much restoration there has been. Restoration reduces value. More restoration equals lower value.
  • The artistic merit. All paintings or drawings are not equal. Artistic appeal is a most important factor. It is what separates ordinary paintings from masterpieces.
  • Finally, an entire group of miscellaneous considerations also influence the value of a Vincent van Gogh.

Once all of this is done, we will begin the process of selling your Vincent van Gogh for you.