All van Gogh paintings are not the same in terms of materials, age, technique, style, history and past ownership. For these reasons authentication methods and scientific tests differ. We primarily rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital image analysis, stylistic analysis, technical analysis, Morelian analysis, Danzig analysis, connoisseurship, craquelure patterns analysis, XRF readings, materials analyses, pigments analyses, carbon dating, consistency checks, chronological integration, X-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, raking light, high intensity, hyper high resolution, black & white, macro-photography, forensic research and analysis, forensic examinations of handwriting, numbers, stamps, marks, stencils, labels, provenance research, documentary research, history of related works, fingerprints and DNA of Vincent van Gogh.

When we need to examine your painting physically we make an appointment to do it at the location of your choice. All photographic work is done at your location. For materials analyses we take tiny samples. The painting always remains with you. This is safer and better for insurance.

The cost of authentication depends on many variables, from how much you already know about it, to where the painting has been and where we may have to perform research, to where it is located now. After you share everything you know we give you a quote. Fees are agreed with you in advance in writing. You never receive an unexpected bill.

The van Gogh authentication reports we issue are serious, solid, fully referenced, scholarly documents. We currently have 6 specialists with PhDs in art history and an entire team with MAs from top art schools and colleges in the US, the UK and Europe. Our certificates are recognized and accepted by nearly everyone because of the reliability and quality of our work. We don’t issue frivolous opinions and refuse payments and arrangements that would create conflicts of interests.

The paintings, drawings and prints we authenticate are sold by major auctioneers and privately; to museums, corporations and private collectors worldwide.

We issue van Gogh COA -Certificates of authenticity- opinions, authentication and attribution reports. We guarantee our authentications and certifications to be correct.

If you believe you may own a van Gogh, text us, call us, WhatsApp us or email us. Let’s have a conversation about it.